Thursday, 11 October 2007

Where A Day Clock is Desired...

I saw an ad in the back of Fortune Magazine yesturday. It is billed as "The Greatest Retirement Gift Ever." It's called the "Day Clock." It features an Octagonal face with a Septagonal arrangement of the days on the dial. To give you an idea, Sunday is at the 11-1 position, Monday at the 1-2, Tuesday from the 2 to 4, Wednesday from the 4 to 6, Tursday from the 6 to 8, Friday from the 8 to 10, Saturday from the 10 to 11--positions are estimated.

I suppose it is helpful for those retirees who do nothing and thus, fail to distinquish one day from the next. However, the opposite effect also brings similar results. For example, if one works every day without the blessing of a rest (commonly known as the "weekend" in our culture also known as a "sabbath rest" in the Bible), then the days do run together. They really should market this to all us military folks in Iraq. We live in what I like to call the "Land-of-Eternal-Mondays." We rarely ever get a break from our routine and the days all blend together without anything to differentiate one day from the next. When every day is a work day, every day is a Monday and you will never get to the weekend. Sort of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, you wake up to the same song, on the same day in the same world.

You need rest! God knew what He was doing when he instituted the sabbath rest. We were made to work and to rest. Day Clocks only asuage a few symptoms of being out of synch with God's rythm of work and rest. If you are in the Land-of-Eternal-Mondays, schedule a weekly rest--you'll thank Him for it.


obsessiveskier said...

Hi Jim,

What day is it anyway? ;-)

I'm still praying for you regularly. May Jesus be your rest today and may you get a lot of days off at home soon.


Joyce said...

Hi Jim,
This is an eye-opening description of the continual work environment in your "Land of Eternal Mondays", especially for those of us who have never had to personally experience life in this respect.

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you as you minister to our troops there in Baghdad.

In Christ's love,